Inspiring, Knowledgeable and Engaging

Kembala’s uplifting energy, great sense of humor and personable style enables her to connect with audiences from all walks of life. Members of her audience have included: business professionals (entry-level through high-level executives), seniors, students (elementary through college) and teachers.

It’s true that money matters, but Kembala believes people matter the most. That’s why she tailors her financial presentations to be easy to understand and effective. Most importantly she focuses on touching the hearts and minds of participants with real stories – to inspire them to reach for something better in life.

Kembala educates and motivates audiences on personal finance. She uses her knowledge and strong business expertise in financial services, business consulting and process excellence to deliver a meaningful and memorable message.

Kembala engages audiences with her positive energy, life lessons, wit and inspiring stories. Leaving them motivated to take action and achieve success instead of glassy eyed.

Kembala’s energetic and outgoing personal style translates well to group presentations. She uses her energy to interest the audience and engage them to effectively get her message across. I have worked with many business professionals in communication and presentation effectiveness. I know you’ll especially enjoy listening to Kembala.”

– Dan,

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How important would it be to have a Personal Finance Speaker who educates and motivates your audience to take action?

Kembala makes learning about money easy and fun! She helps you understand important personal finance concepts to transform your thinking and life. Kembala shares practical tips, tools and strategies that you can start using now to achieve success.

Kembala motivates you to take the limits off – and reach for your goals.

She makes me feel like I can do anything.”

– M.C.

Kembala will be happy to customize a presentation to meet your organization’s needs. Her personal finance workshop and seminar topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Stretching Your Dollar in Today’s Economy
  • How to Become Debt Free
  • The Basic Principles of Money Management
  • Love, Money and Marriage
  • What’s Credit have to do with it?

Kembala’s audiences walk away informed and empowered to achieve their goals. What would that mean to your organization? Contact us to book Kembala for your event (please include event details).

What are other people saying about Kembala’s message?

Kembala did a good job breaking it down, so it was easy to understand. She gave me a lot of useful information to get out of debt!”

– Ernest, Financial Seminar Participant

Since attending Kembala’s seminar, I’ve started saving over $1,000 a month.  Kembala helped me to see all of the financial headaches I was actually “giving myself”, and how to liberate those wasted funds from the money pits that I was unwilling to recognize.  Those funds now go to my two new, favorite, and much more beneficial causes of ‘Savings’ and ‘Investments’!”

– James, Financial Seminar Participant

Thank you so much for coming to our class. We learned a lot about money. You are a good teacher.”

– Junior Achievement Kindergarten Class