Photo by Matthewjs007via Flickr cc

Photo by Matthewjs007via Flickr cc

Most people look online for low priced hotels. There are so many travel websites out there—it can make you dizzy!

Still savvy people are out there online scouring the Web to find rock bottom prices. I don’t know about you, but for me gone are the days of just showing up to pay a high rate.

Are you kidding me? I’m not trying to get robbed.

Do you have to go online to find the lowest priced hotels? You may be surprised to hear this, but they could be a phone call away. And I’m not talking about calling the hotel’s front desk either. Let me explain.

My friend told me about this new way of saving on hotels. She’s coming to Chicago for Labor Day weekend. And she wanted to stay in a really nice hotel in downtown Chicago. Those don’t come cheap.

So I asked her if it was hard to find a reasonably priced hotel on a holiday weekend. After all, last month another friend who  visited Chicago stayed in the suburbs. He decided to commute downtown everyday because the hotels in the city were so pricey. Even when he checked online.

But she said she booked a room downtown in a luxurious hotel for only $149/night. What? I couldn’t believe it. And I still don’t. Just kidding I know she got that rate! :)

So you know I had to ask her–how’d you get that incredible rate? She told me when she looked online the rates were in the upper $200 range. She got her rate from Magellan.

“What’s Magellan?” I asked (you know I had blog about this).

Magellan is different. You have to call them to get hotel rates. Yes, punch those numbers on the phone and actually talk to someone since they don’t publish rates online.

According to Magellan’s website:

We get you insider rates at luxury hotels. We offer personalized advice, exclusive rates and benefits, without any fees or memberships. The hotels give us better rates than you’ll find online on the condition we only offer them over the phone.
CALL 1-866-784-6726

So the next time you’re looking for a nice, affordable hotel in the lap of luxury, consider giving Magellan a call too.

It saved my friend over $100 a night (compared to rates online). In her own words:

“They have been GREAT for us!  I used them once before also and everything went smooth as silk!  They just do NOT post hotel prices online, you have to do everything via telephone with their representatives and the rep will find the best hotel deals. I LOVED it… having my own private concierge or personal hotel assistant!”

Have you used Magellan? Do you have any other tips to save on hotels?